Fishing for Texas Redfish

Fishing for Texas Redfish

The Texas coast offers ample oppurtunity for great redfishing. Texas redfish can be caught in a variety of ways, surf fishing, stalking the shallows, wade fishing and trolling. Stalking the grass flats for red drum is the ultimate challenge for the wade anglers. The surf provides excellent and exhillerating red drum fishing. The best artificial baits are heavy spoons, slow sinking plugs and plastic worms. Using live bait in the fall months can prove worth while surf fishing. The bait of preference for these big bull reds is a blue crab, small maybe three inches in diameter.

Texas redfish are a fast growing fish reaching approximately 11 inches and one pound in its first year, 17-22 inches and 3 1/2 pounds in two years, and 22-24 inches and 6-8 pounds in three years. The Texas State record red drum is currently 59 1/2 pounds.

Texas Redfish Tips & Tactics

Rigging For Texas Redfish

#1 Scented Soft Plastic Jigs

Boca Chica Baits Flex Mullet “Dorado”

The most versatile lure, which emits scents that make the redfish crazy. My favorite choice is a Dorado from Boca Chica Baits that is the perfect integration of flexibility with durability. 

#2 Weedless Soft Plastic Bait

Weedless soft plastics are great when sight fishing redfish over grassy bottoms.

#3 Popping Cork With Shrimp Jig

Popping corks with artificial shrimp jigs are most effective during months when the water is colder and the fish are more underactive.

Fishing High & Low Tide For Redfish

There’s plenty of good fishing to be had during low tide for Texas redfish. Lower water levels tend to move reds off flats and into cuts and channels throughout the bays. A high tide will give redfish more places to hide. Redfish typically move out of their low tide cuts and channels into the mangroves, up on the flats and marshes when high tides occur.

Look For Reds

Sight fishing redfish can be one of the most exciting saltwater fishing experiences. Looking for reds in interior marshes in the bays while moving along stealthily, looking and listing for signs of fish can prove a deadly tactic in your redfish game. Try using a weedless soft plastic bait for this approach.

Trolling For Redfish

Shallow water boats and flats boats which can be poled work extremely well for trolling for reds. Polling also a stealthy tactic, will let you sneak up on these reds unnoticed, unlike running your boats motor. Polling for reds also helps reduce the risk of damaging your outboard motor where grasses and weeds are to thick.

Redfish will spook easily, especially in shallow and clear waters. Approach quietly either wading, walking or polling. Check your rigs and study the tides, above all else have fun chasing redfish in the flats and bull reds in the surf.

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